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Love announcements  art

Love announcements  art

Love announcements  art
Algo divertido acerca de la vida en Nueva York? Todo el mundo viene aquí para visitar, lo que a menudo la oportunidad de ver un montón de amigos y familiares de todo el país.  (De hecho, nuestro sobrino está en un colchón de aire en la sala de estar en este momento mientras escribo. Love announcements  art  This weekend we’ll take him to Brooklyn Bridge Park to see this view.  A few weeks ago we were there with Justin & Amy Hackworth, a really wonderful couple we’ve gotten to know since starting the blog.  
And here are a few Love Announcements Love announcements  art

-LOOOVE hearing of your journeys with health and your desires to be healthy. Gracias, ¡gracias, thank you for sharingI’m sending you every bit of encouragement I can. (También, I’m dying over some of your food diaries so far.  There are some awesome ideas for meals and snacks in there.  I know I will keep referring back to them for some inspiration. También, it’s crazy how this works but I can already tell my food diary is helping meI’m super motivated to try some new things and keep the house stocked with healthy foods.)
-Por ejemplo, I just bought cacao nibs (gracias a City Chick).  They are FULL of antioxidants.  And I have to make this recipe.  
-What Ali Wore.  The best fashion tumblr ever. This older gentlemen delights me.  (Gracias, Toronjil!) 
-This family, featured in Design Mom‘s ‘Living With Kids’ serie, es increíble.  You have to read their story to the endit will stay with you. (Thanks to the sweet reader who sent this along!)
-Natural Beauty Night got featured on Gardenista by one of the guests, blogger Erin Boyle from Reading My Tea Leaves (I just adore Erin and her beautiful Brooklyn blog.  She is so, tan encantador. And she has the sweetest column on her blog calledTiny Apartment Survival TipsSo far she has 73!)
-Y…I totally tried the baking soda hair wash and vinegar rinse.  I can’t even believe this, but I’m giving it a major thumbs up.  I’ve done it 3 times now and we’ll see how this goes, but it just might be my new regular routine.  
-Danny and I went to yoga recently (enThe Brooklyn Yoga School) and LOVED it.  We can’t wait to go back!!  It also kicked our butts.  :)  :) Sí, our muscles were shaking and every time we looked at each other we wanted to laugh.  haha.  (Do you do yoga?  What’s your favorite gear?) También, this yoga school in Brooklyn is donation only, but got rated by NYMag as the best place for inexpensive yoga.
Y…today I have a LIVE interview with HuffPost Live.  :) Sí.  One of the editors read and like este post and they want to discuss it.  :)  I’ll keep you posted on Gorjeo if I get more details, in case you want to chime in.   
Bien – thanks for everything!  Sending love and thoughts and prayers your way, como siempre.
With Love,
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Love announcements  art

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